General Contractor HVAC Systems Supply and installation

Our partners are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and components for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Among numerous Western Ventilation Company Partners are: RockWool, Panasonic, VTS Clima, Gruner G, VEAB (Heat Tech AB), Siemens, Ostberg, Ruck Ventilatoren, AeroStar Group, Soler & Palau Ventilation Group, K-Flex, Salda, Cooper & Hunter, Toshiba, BerlinerLuft , Carel, 2VV (Partner In Ventilation).

Benefits of the company that our partners testify to:

  • Professional approach to the work performed
  • Continuous improvement of applied technical solutions and technologies
  • High quality of work execution
  • Guarantees in achieving the goals set by the customer and responsibility for the end result